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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Green Power Smoothy

0k. This one is cortesy of my 9-year old DS. Through these hot months, many recies will be for drinks, coolers and blender-friendly concoctions.

Green Power Smoothy:
2C. Unfilterd Apple Juice (fresh made or in a bottle from the local health store)
2 Med. Bananas
1 Large handful of Fresh Baby Spinach
1 roundish teaspoon (the kind one might use to stir coffee or tea) Spirulina Powder

Combine all ingredients in blender. Give 'em a whirl and drink it down. This is super for all day energy and is so full of mucronutrients. Experament with adding a couple of baby carrots or (carefully) a few broccoli florets. We have recently had it a few times with a couple of sprigs of cilantro (corriander leaf).

This is how much spinach we usually use:

And this is what it looks like done:

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