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Monday, May 21, 2012


This is a needed staple during the 10-month summers here in the 'desort' regions of AZ.

You will want to mix up this concentrate in advance to have plenty on hand!
3C. 'clear' juice concentrate (I use a 12oz container each of apple and white grape.)
3C. lemon juice (fresh-squeezed if you have a tree or from a bottle)
1Tbsp. Sea Salt or Morton Lite Salt
 - Make sure all salt dissolves and store in fridge.

To Drink:

Mix 1/2C. above mixture with 1/8tsp. baking soda (not baking powder!) and enough filtered or purified water (about 3 1/2C.) to make  1Qt.(4C.). Chill and enjoy!

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  1. Updated version:

    1 gallon unfiltered, organic fruit juice
    1 gallon RO water
    2C. lemon juice
    2tsp. himalayan sea salt
    .25tsp. sodium bicarbonate

    Mix all and enjoy @ room temperature!

    (Refrigerate what is not used immediately but let it warm a bit before drinking.)