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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Almond Milk

This was requested by a very special lady whom I was recently blessed to meet. Thank you Diana Lea for being so wonderful and helpful!

1C. Raw Almonds
water (enough to cover almonds)
4C. Water
1-2 pinches Salt
1tsp. Vanilla Extract
Sweetener of choice - to taste

1. Soak almonds in enough water to cover them thoroughly for one hour.
2. Drain and rinse almonds.
3. Blend almonds with about 2C. of water about 1min.
4. Strain through a flour sack cloth or other similar clean, thin cloth into 2Qt. container.
5. Squeeze out excess liquid and return pulp to blender with remaining water.
6. Blend on high about one minute and repeat steps 4&5 except for returning to blender.
7. Add remaining ingredients and stir well.
8. Enjoy! This milk is delicious either chilled or freshly made.

Use in coffee, over cereal, alone in a glass or however you prefer.
For a slight change, add 1-2Tbsp. cocoa powder to the blender in step 3.
Raw (turbino) sugar, bee honey, stevia, agave syrup, maple syrup, coconut sugar or whole (seedless) dates are just a few wonderful sweeteners you may choose to try in this refreshing recipe.

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